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Is where Form, Function & Energy meet. 

During 12 years of experience, Patricia Wheeler and her partner Michelle Rozenburszt felt the desire to explore a deeper layer of architecture & interiors, creating a more mindful design process, aligned with who we truly are as human beings.

Architecture embodies an extra layer that cannot be felt by the 5 senses. It's the ethereal, perceived by our intuition.

An Energy Field is created by peoples' daily activities, interactions, feelings and memories, deeply affecting how the users experience the spaces in a subconscious level.

We believe that an effective and innovative 

design, combines our ever growing technological reality to our roots in nature, that truly define who we are.

By using ancient tools as Feng Shui, Kabbalah, The body's Chakras, Astrology & Architecture, we created The Æthereal formula.

The Æ Analysis go beyond the physical, to balance the spaces, considering the users' backgrounds and needs in life and therefore providing a more harmonious living experience at home and businesses.